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Pier Six offers inspired seafood dishes, including delicacies like Tuna Tataki with Mango Salsa, Crab and Chives Dumplings, and local specials, such as the Banana Leaf Wrapped Steamed Reef Fish. The eclectic menu offers something for every palate. Choose from gluten-free and vegan options as well as delicious beef and chicken dishes. You can even order grills from the Japanese Teppanyaki menu.


A charming over-water dining complex designed in the shape of a native Manta Ray with high ceilings, a beautiful bar with a delicate chandelier above, and blue marble walls that add to the ‘Indian Ocean’ feel here. Relaxed indoor and outdoor seating, with endless lagoon views and impeccable service, enhance your dining experience.

Pier Six

  • Dinner 19.00 - 22.30

Specialty seafood over-water fine dining

The brand-new overwater restaurant, Pier Six, is built on Atmosphere Kanifushi’s new overwater peninsula, offering an array of seafood specialties and Japanese Teppanyaki grill options.


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